Sheri Perl

I would like to suggest that if you have lost a child. you take a look at the prayer registry at

This free website is dedicated to all the families who have lost children and registers the day of their passing so that this online community can honor each child’s legacy on the anniversary day of their passing.

I joined the Prayer Team just weeks after my son Angus passed and have found it a great comfort to know that he is remembered and sent energy and love to his soul on the other side.

The site has wonderful guided meditations, heartwarming readings and a beautiful blessing for our children.

May the love in our hearts be carried directly to you
May you walk in the light of this love
May you feel the love that everywhere surrounds you
May your family feel yours



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Penington Institute collaborates with, and represents a broad range of sectors and organisations to identify and respond to specific substance use problems and their causes.